2/28 - Joey & Jennye Shaling

Husband and wife, Joey and Jennye perform as a duo in Panama City Beach, FL and surrounding area including venues in Walton County, even down into the Florida Keys as well as many private functions/shows with various groups or duos. They play a blend of Soul/R & B, Motown, Classic Rock, Reggae, Blues and Light Jazz.

2/29 - Jamah Terry

Jamah "Mahly-Mahw" Terry is a professionally trained Saxophonist/Pianist turned Bassist and solo artist after graduating from the University of Evansville in 2002. With a diverse and eclectic musical pedigree, Jamah has been recommended for both studio projects and live touring acts over the past decade throughout the US & internationally. As a jazz saxophonist, Jamah doubles on both flute and clarinet for big band ensemble performances.

3/01 - True Soul Duo

True Soul plays everything from R&B, Blues, Jazz, & Rock to Country, 80's, & 70's. Their goal is to incorporate many different styles, giving everyone a chance to hear something they like. They are a band that gives people from all walks of life an opportunity to dance and groove to the beat.